Richard has been spinning for more than 11 years now. He started being a promoter at an early age, doing underground hiphop en hiphouse parties in Utrecht. At these parties he began to spin as well. After experiencing the acid-house sound (1992), he started to organise and spin at the so-called “Mechanical” parties & “Creative with Acid” house parties.
In 1994 he moved to Amsterdam because he felt the need to explore his possibilities as a DJ. At that time Richard was still spinning @ underground parties. This basically changed in the beginning of 1997 when Dimitri approached him to spin @ the Roxy during the famous “Hitech-Soulmovement” nights. Richard was doing it that well that the Roxy management asked him to do a random monthly Saturday: Real Audio. These Real Audio nights have been very successful from the start. Consequently Roxy management decided to change “Real Audio” from a monthly club-night to a weekly club-night.
Richard was became the resident (solo) DJ for this Real Audio Weekly Friday-night, which has started July 3, 1998. He has played there with Terry Francis and Pure Science (best new DJ 1998 Muzik Magazine ). He spins here an energetic mix of deephouse, techhouse, and funky-techno and outshines by his mixing skills.
Richard is also resident for Club Risk @ our locations @ the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht and @ Amsterdam Studio’s