It all started when the Cologne based Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner where still studying. Bleckmann, a classical trained musician and old-school hip hop fan and Wenner, an early techno lover, first met at a video rental in M√ľnster, where they both worked the nightshift and discovered similar tastes in films and music. They finally ended up in Bleckmann's appartment chopping beats and basslines which led to a string of drum & bass releases under the name of Monophace for labels such as Precision and Krush Grooves. At the beginning of 2000 they released their first album called “Cinemascope” on Precision. Getting bored by the rules and regulations of the scene the two started looking for the perfect beat at places that have rarely been visited by drum & bass producers before. They introduced Van Delta by taking sounds and influences from the whole spectrum of electronic music and derived their very own freeform version from it. After moving to Cologne they continued their way of reduction and started Niederflur, combining an extremely stripped and funky minimal techno, surrounded by some heavyweight basslines. The finishing touch for this unique concept has been found in the Cologne subway by adding all kind of announcements to the music. The first few tracks were sent to Richie Hawtin, who was keen on the fresh and different concept. Three EP's have now been released on his m-nus imprint. Misc starts right where Niederflur and Van Delta end. It's style may be described as tech-house with very minimalistic beats, still kicking floors. The basslines are building a direct funk-way of techno.
The whole concept is dedicated to those techno and house dj's who love some deepnes in their sets. Misc records have been released on Force Tracks and Sender Records. The next step for Bleckmann and Wenner is called Clubsessel, a stripped down listening project, still reflected by deep down basslines with an organic and relaxed flow, surrounded by an intense mood and wider soundscapes.




  • Paul Bergenh.

    Paul Bergenh.

    26 September 2005

    :punk: thnx kwab

  • Chris


    26 September 2005

    Rocket Skating! vette EP op Sender Records van hun.

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