Luka & Lazo

Ivica Lazarevic 'Lazo' from Ivanec, Croatia, after taking the influence of many electronical currents, he found his way into the production world in the year 2000. After experiments with deep-tech sounds, he worked at the limits of house with atmospherical twists and FX.

Luka Cipek from Cakovec, Croatia, started as a dj aka Lukas Artz, playing in local clubs and radios from '99 - '03. Mixing breakbeat grooves with house vibes he developed an unique style for the club scene.
He started producing in '01, trying out several styles from trip-hop, breakbeat, elektro, house. his base was connecting fat, rough beats and liquid basslines with spooky breakdownz.

Luka & Lazo, shortly after sharing a student-flat in Zagreb, started the project Fat Mama Roks. Recruiting friend-musicians Ivan Krajcer & Jana Dolecki. They were making tracks one pretty much different from another, doing even hip-hop-rock, and vocal trip-jazzy and old school house. These tracks got a lot air-play on radio stations
in Croatia.
A twist to the club roots made a link base for Luka & Lazo. Wandering trough many moods and vibrations, they established a dirty-fat-groove sound, distorting and currupting every sound used, melting down common creative outbursts and musical influences.

Luka & Lazo