Felix Stallings, Chicago, Illinois, USA. The childhood friend of house legend DJ Pierre, Stallings' youth was spent experimenting with electronic musical equipment. He taught himself keyboards by the age of 14, and a year later stepped into a studio for the first time. An early tape had been passed on to the elder Pierre by a mutual playground acquaintance. Intrigued, he decided to record it properly, and from those sessions "Phantasy Girl" emerged. Based on the original keyboard motif from the demo tape, it became one of house music's biggest early cult smashes. Felix went on to release a steady stream of dance music vinyl, establishing his name alongside that of Pierre, who remained his mentor. Unfortunately, as school ended so did his parents' tolerance of his extra-curricular pursuits, and he was ordered to attend college in Alabama. Three years later he returned to Chicago, taking up the house mantle once again. Numerous releases followed on all the major imprints: Strictly Rhythm Records, Guerilla Records ("Thee Dawn"), Nervous Records, D-Jax Up, Chicago Underground and Freetown. He also set up his own Radikal Fear Records imprint, which has released classic cuts by the likes of DJ Sneak, Armando, and Mike Dunn, and provided remixes for mainstream artists such as Diana Ross and Kylie Minogue. Under the title Thee Madkatt Courtship he also provided a long player for Deep Distraxion, while as Afrohead he proffered "In The Garden", a classic cut, much revered by DJ's such as Darren Emerson. After a lengthy break from the dance scene, Stallings returned in 1999 under his Thee Madkatt Courtship moniker with I Know Electrikboy

Felix da Housecat
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  • kwab


    2 October 2005

    Haha, deze heb ik helemaal niet geadd :P

  • Goedie


    2 October 2005

    Klopt, alleen Dirt Crew stond er al in, creatieve oplossing ;-)

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