Phil Stumpf

Producer, DJ, musician. Born 1973, in Erlangen / Germany. Living and working in Paris since 2003. Equipped with a passion for elaborated four-to-the-floor rhythms, his dj-sets and solo tracks are kicking minimal house beats paired with funky shuffles and rough bass hooklines. Music with a high dancefloor appeal and the perfect mix of minimal house and ass-shakin funk.

Phil grew up in Germany and started playing in several guitar bands in the early 90's. He was soon influenced by electronic sounds when he and four friends formed the band Oh. In 1996. The band released several albums on mdz/Virgin and went on to play on tour with bands like Mouse on Mars, To Rococo Rot or Tortoise. In the following years he developed a taste for dancefloor-oriented music and began producing his first solo material. In 1999 he formed the dj/producer project Duplex 100 in collaboration with his french partner Sam Rouanet (aka Reynold) as well as the paris-based electronic jazz band Canvas (with Sam Rouanet and James Sindatry). After finishing medical university in Germany he moved to Paris in 2003 where he is producing, mixing and taking care of various resident nights.

In 2001 he became resident-DJ at the renowned Paris club Nouveau Casino where he and Sam Rouanet founded the now legendary party series Minimal Dancin which over the years has been featuring some of the finest minimal house producers worldwide and the Minimal Dancin family continues to grow! In 2004 he started a new resident night at the Triptyque together with fellow paris DJ Saint Remy (Initial Cuts) as well as regular label nights at the Batofar.

The various projects and bands he´s involved in show a wide range of musical diversity. When being the solo producer Phil Stumpf (records released on Tom Bone, Frankie, Festplatten, Morris/Audio, Lumina, Trenton) funk remains the most important dancefloor element. Duplex100 (on Initial Cuts, Treibstoff, Morris/Audio etc.) is deeply pounding, funky and straight forward. Oh. (released on festplatten) is a 5-piece dancefloor band (!) with a full-on rock-the-house attitude and thumpy bass lines while Canvas dives into warm and beautiful electronic jazz landscapes (released on Nacopajaz's/ Paris).

His dj-sets are energetic, full of positive dancefloor vibes and transpire pure minimal funkyness. If you love funk and adore minimal house here's the sound you're looking for ;-)

Phil Stumpf