Jaume starts his dj career in 1992, playing E.B.M and other paralel styles. After some years playing in electronic clubs in 1995 he starts to produce music and starts his musician career. He study piano and produce an album for a hip-hop and electro band, and playing dj in some Spanish clubs oriented to Detrot techno and similar during some years.
In 1998 he starts to be in love with minimal and electronic soft techno sounds, and also starts to play dj around Spain, and beeing in some important festivals over the country.
In 2002, he and Sergei starts with his label Regular, and he release music in his label and others like Ware, Pulsewith or Tunningspork. His productions becomes more and more succesfull, and he starts to play over Europe and in 2003 he visit also New York and Boston to play a tour.
Now, he is preparing his sublabel Regular for final 2005 more experimental oriented and also producing music for labels like Software or others, and also preparing new references in Regular for Spring 2005. His CD-MIX “Regular, my friends and I” was a succesfull dj set, it arrived to number 7 in Groove chart in June 2004
In clubs, he is playing over Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, England, etc) and last time specially in South America and North America (Chile, Argentina, Us, etc), and in festivals like Sonar 2002 and 2005, Groove Parade, etc etc, and he actually has 2 residences in Barcelona clubs and other in the north of Spain.