- “szary” born in rüdersdorf

- “gernot” born in woltersdorf

- “szary” started to spin

- bought his “808” and “303” and first acid tries

- “gernot” visiting szarys illegal techno parties
- “gernot” started to play as well1994
- first release as “fundamental knowledge” on their own label “seilscheibenpfeiler”

- “gernot” and “szary” meet finally and decide to make music together

- this leads to nothing else than “modeselektor”

- two releases as “fundamental knowledge” on “mad benton records”

- awesome dj-sets, hanging around, community service

- first remix contract for “bolschewistische kurkapelle schwarz-rot”
- first parties called “labstyle” with “pfadfinderei” at “kurvenstar”- first “modeselektor” live sessions

- release of several mixtapes as “shahfaustan”
- release with “eye-on” of their lp “1492” on “insekt angelika”
- with “pfadfinderei” at “sonar”
- livesets at several small open airs in berlin
- first liveacts with “timtim”
- meet ellen allien2001
- formation of their “modeselektor studio” in oranienburgerstrasse
- “modeselektor” live at “avantpop festival” in berlin
- lecture about audio and visual music with “pfadfinderei” at merzakademie in stuttgart
- release of two compilations on their own label (eh0001+0002)
- first release on bpitchcontrol
- videotrack “wlwh” on the “berlin 2001” compilation
- get to know and love “apparat”- “labstyle” to “labland” and moving to wmf

- first dancefloor booking with ellen allien in genf
- release of their first ep on bpitchcontrol “in loving memory”
- videoproduction for their track “in loving memory”
- tesa project got released on maß.1
- tesa live gig at wmf- remix “nobody” for “smash-tv”
- bpitchcontrol showcase at sonar 2002: ellen allien, feadz and modeselektor live
- release of their second ep “the death medley” on bpitchcontrol - “gernot” working for “hardwax”

- playing fabulous dj gigs at wmf club
- release of “acrylamit” and “emulgator” on maß.1
- first release of “moderat” (apparat and modeselektor) on bpitchcontrol
- first collaboration with “ttc”
- release of “emulgator” on “detroit underground records”
- “tom yorke” (radiohead) comes out as a big modeselektor fan on tv
- third release of their “ganes defrau vol.1” ep on bpitchcontrol
- endless remixes with timtim, no movement, mia and so on
- live gigs, live gigs, live gigs

- “professional distortion” remix for “miss kittin”
- “de-bug” choose them to the second best live act of 2004
- one concert with “udo lindenberg”
- mix-cd for “boomkat”
- first collaboration with “team shadetek”, “sasha perera” and “paul st hillaire”
- first gig with “paul st hillaire” at palast der republik in berlin
- release of their 4th ep “turn deaf” on bpitchcontrol
- release of “labland” dvd
- “lablandtour” with “pfandfinderei” through france
- live act at transmediale 2004
- “gernot” quits working at “hardwax”

- big “lablandshow” with “pfadfinderei” at “berliner volksbühne”
- “bpitchcontrol - camping tour”
- 10 years de-bug “boom bass tour”
- dolby 5.1 installation “earth” at “centre pomidou” (paris) for three months
- in collaboration with pfadfinderei
- several live acts in europe
- release of their album “hello mom” on bpitchcontrol
- us-tour
- worldwide tour