Like A Tim also known as Tim van Leijden was born in 1973 in Rotterdam, Holland, and has lived there ever since. The name Like A Tim comes from the nickname other kids called him at school. They thought he looked like a dead person so they called him 'Lijke Tim' which is Dutch for 'corpse Tim' (German: Leiche Tim) and is pronounced 'Like A Tim' in English.

He became interested in music when he was at about ten years old and was caught by electronic pop that appeared around that time (Nineteen, Rock It, etc.). Later on in the eighties, hip-hop had a big impact on him.

He bought his first Casio sampler in 1987 and after a few years of playing around with the Casio and turntables he started buying more professional equipment and in 1991 his first records were released.

Twelve Like A Tim EP's were released on Djax Up Beats between '92 and '97. During this period Tim developed his own style of electronic music, inspired by hip-hop, funk, pop and techno.
In '98 he released his first full album on Alec Empire's Geist Records. On the same label he also released a mini album (end of '98) and another album in '99.
In '97 Rephlex Records asked him to remix a couple of their artists for a special Like A Tim remix EP. They stayed in contact and in 2000 Rephlex released his "Red And Blue Boxing" album. The artwork for all the releases is drawn by Tim himself.

Like a Tim