Robin Kampschoer

Robin began discovering techno music in the late 80's, listening to artists like Phuture, Armando, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Blake Baxter, The Wizard, etc…
At the same time he began getting involved in organizing some of the first (then underground) techno parties in the Netherlands.

When the European techno/house scene exploded in the mid 90's (and creative development/progression stopped), he decided that it was time for a change, and started to search for new challenges in techno music.
In 1998, he decided to take things to a new level, and started composing techno music for himself.

In 2002, he felt that the time was there to begin playing his own, somewhat minimal techno music in front of live audiences on techno parties.

In the same period, he met another artist, =XTRECIST=, who was pushing the boundaries in a different style of electronic music: industrial/hardcore.
The two decided to team up for an unique live project, mixing the two completely different styles of electronic music together, and thus pushing the boundaries even further.
Since then, this has resulted in several huge acclaimed live performances.

Meanwhile, Robin's own music became increasingly minimal and mature, and he has since then performed live on a lot of parties, with ever growing success.

sometimes, less is more…

Robin Kampschoer