Vince Watson Autobiography

"I started playing keyboards at the age of 7. I studied at music in Secondary school before opening up into electro and Hip Hop in 1987 with Jean Michel Jarre being my guiding influence. I took over the turntables at the school disco and became regular DJ due to the fact I was one of the few people who actually owned dance 12"s. Just as acid house broke out in 88' I started buying electronic music and the scene was set for what was to be my introduction to techno.

"As the 90's began, I slowly built up as much equipment as I could afford to start making the music I had been listening to for a couple of years. I decided to go to Stow College, Glasgow to learn more about the electronics and midi equipment. I graduated with an HNC in Music Technology in 1993 and set about my plans to release records. Two difficult years past, finding myself partying and struggling to buy equipment.

"Finally, in 1995 I decided to send some demos away and see what the reaction would be. 1 week after receiving the demo I had sent him, Dave Angel had offered me a contract with his label Rotation. Overjoyed, I knew it was the start of something I had always dreamt about. The 1st Innovations EP was a good starting point and put me in good stead for things to come.

"After releasing tracks on other various labels, I started Djing in Arena, Glasgow and it was not long before the Rotation Monthly was set up with myself and Dave Angel as residents and some exclusive guests. Then the club started a weekly night with Top guests such as Jeff Mills, Miss Djax, Kenny Larkin and Luke Slater. Jeff loved it so much he came back another twice in the space of 6 months! I stopped the night in 1997 to concentrate more on recording and decided to branch my music styles out a little further. Omid '16b' Nourizadeh of Alola records introduced himself and another partnership was born. After a couple of 12'' singles I released my debut LP ' Biologique ' in 1999. At this point I had found the style of house and techno I wanted to merge and create my own individual sound. I set up my own Label soon after and in February 2000 I released Bio Records to the public.
"As my deeper grooves were being concentrated on Alola, I decided to keep the Bio sound more on the techno side of things. The label is now on its 8th Release. With every release, Bio is gaining more support along the way with most top djs spinning tracks. 2000 and 2001 have been good years with releases on Alola and Bio as well as other established labels such as Tronic, Superbra, Native and Symbolism. I have also recently been spinning in various venues across Europe including Spain, Russia, Holland and Turkey. I will now spend the 2nd half of 2002 concentrating on writing.

"I decided to keep the Bio sound more on the Techno side of things. Choosing to release quality rather than Quantity, the label is now on its 10th Release. With every release, Bio is growing from strength to strength and gaining more support along the way with most top Dj's spinning Tracks and many high profile Licensees already including the prolific Global by Carl Cox. 2000 and 2001 have been good years with releases on Alola and Bio reaching classic status in the music press. 2002 saw the release of my 2nd Lp Moments in Time on The legendary New York House Label Ibadan. This allowed me to release many different styles of electronic music and gives me the freedom to spread my music out to a larger worldwide audience. Now in 2003, Bio is about to see some Big guns appear on the label with releases from Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Deetron, Misstress Barbara, Jerome and 65d Mavericks all ready for release.

"As an attempt to breath new life into Electronica, I have also recorded more artist based music including a forthcoming ep and LP for Sims label Native which focuses more on a B12 and Black Dog format.

"I am also about to launch a second label with a more deeper approach to it and with releases on other label like Tronic, Rotation, Adrenogroov and Primate all scheduled as well as many dj appearances round the globe, 2003 is going to be my busiest year so far.
Im looking forward to it already!!

Vince Watson (June 2002).

Vince Watson
Verenigd Koninkrijk