"…For me is music like paintbrush to an artist. I express my deepest feelings, thougths with it's help…"

I got into contact with techno in '99 and I started to play music in 2000. At that time I was interested in the Swedish and German line. In 2001 I joined the band factory of Island as permanent resident dj. Due to certain misunderstandings, however, the formation split, and the fate of the organisation got into different hands. I did not last long though. In november 2001, I got the opportunity of making music at the I love techno.
Afterwards I became permanent member of this production. This formation went though serveral name changes, eg: cyborgasm production, later Speed Punks production I realised then, that I can not really express myself through Swedish techno (in which the opening of striploopz played a great part). I became more and more interested in the British band Slovakian themes. I realised that this was the best way I can express myself. The following artists had great impact on me: Makaton, Regis, Surgeon, Function, Toky, Dalo, Hu, Christian W√ľnsch, Inigo Kenneydy… etc. For unknown reasons I was fired form Speed Punks. At present I belong to povera production grounded by myself. Through techno I am trying to convey a message to the people, in order to have them understand and comprehend my thoughts. Nowadays I began to deal with minimal topic as well (Daho played a big part in this). Still I do feel that the English, Spanish, Slovakian techno is what I really am about. The feeling I get, when I hear a Makaton, Dalo or Regis song cannot be compared to anything. I am aiming at becoming better and able to express more of my thoughts. For this techno is my tool after the pencil, paintbrush and Chinese ink.