Daniel Tomaschek, born 1975, German deejay and producer now living in Leiden in the Netherlands. Started collecting records in the early 90's after being blown away at one of the legendary Gotham City parties where he immediately got hooked to this new form of electronic music. From being a deejay and rapidly developing his mixing skills it didn't take long before Tomaschek began to organise several underground parties.

He met DJ Red with whom he created the very succesful Electronic Entertainment parties and became one of the resident deejays. Tomaschek; “I guess the absolute highlight of Electronic Entertainment was the Technoville Festival in 1997”. Technoville was a 2-day indoor techno festival where the cream of Dutch dance dj's and live acts were present with names like Speedy J, Quazar, and Acid junkies. More than 30 dj's and acts dropped by those 2 days, making it a memorable festival…

Playing alongside many national and international artists, Tomaschek developed a name for being a very open minded deejay, always searching for that block rocking record to give the crowd a night to remember. His residency at the LVC in Leiden gave him the opportunity to experiment with the idea of multiple turntables which eventually led to the birth of All hands on decks, 5 deejays versus 10 turntables, a unique sound and never been done before in Holland! www.allhandsondecks.com

Currently Tomaschek is focusing on producing some new material for STRØM recordings and a live set together with DJ Jozo.

Tomaschek vs Jozo - fascinating rhythms (Strøm recordings)
Nikki Sixxx - New bitch on the block (Strøm recordings)