Pavel Ziolkiewicz was born in Poland. At the age of 4 he got fascinated by the music of Jean Michel Jarre and his obsession for electronical music never left him since then.
He was about 6 years of age when he moved to Holland with his mother.

After playing music on several small parties and working as a dj in a dancing-school, he was asked to play at the age of 19 in LA DS, one of the hottest dance-clubs in The Hague at the time, where he spinned his clubby records there for almost 3 years together with dj. Ramon. Meanwhile he played in some big clubs like Nighttown (Rotterdam) , Club Exposure (The Hague), Paradiso (Amsterdam) and several parties in the country. In that time his music evolved in spinning mainly techno and (some) electro.

Because Pavel needed a new boost in his musical development, he decided in ’95 to produce dance-music himself. After 4 years of self-education his music got the attention of several prominent dutch dj’s/producers like Lucien Voort, Laidback Luke, Lemon 8, dj Misjah and Ronald Molendijk and so Pavel was able to produce 9 releases in a short time on labels such as Subspace, Source, R.P.M., and Basic Beat.

At the end of 2001 Pavel won the dance-category of the ‘Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (‘Big Price of the Netherlands’), which is a prize for the ‘best upcoming artist’ of the moment, playing his techno/electro-minded Perplex-live-set for the first time (!). The jury called him ‘exiting, the biggest impact, music of the moment. He knows what he’s doing’..

As a producer, but also as a dj, Pavel tries to take advantage of all aspects that techno/electro has to offer, making him a very versatile, colourfull and powerfull artist in these genres.

Pavel’s live-set and dj-set will be seen (and heard of course) at some big events this summer such as the Dance-Valley-festival and the Metropolis-festival.

Pavel Ziolkiewicz