Electrocute is a nonstop, combustible, electro-garage girl duo, hailing from the elite ranks of the Berlin underground.

Impulsive, candid, sassy, humorous, and shocking, Electrocute take their perfect mixture of electronic psychedelic pop and trashy rock'n'roll rebelliously into the 21st century. They chew up the boring crossover bands, and spit out the 80's revivalists with a completely fresh and exciting sound of their own. Call it whatever you like, these girls put the 'no' into techno and the 'da' back into dance music.

Members Nicole Morier (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Mia Dime (Vienna, Austria) are already infamous for their rockin' loony tunes and their wild live performances in their adopted home town of Berlin. And now they are about to unleash their unholy madness on the rest of the unsuspecting world with their first release, a 5 song ep titled 'A Tribute to your Taste' on Emperor Norton (www.emperornorton.com) this spring.

It's awwwwwfully cute!