Pioneering his own strand of tech-house, Jamie Anderson has pushed his sound further via his diverse DJ sets and through work on his own label Artform. After a succession of well-received releases, such as the recent ┬╝Abstract Latinism series, Jamie Anderson is now upon the fifteenth release for Artform.
Having collaborated with artists like Danny McMillan for tracks on 10 Kilo and TCR Label and a-J-Scent for projects on NRK and Artform - Jamie is continuing the sublime, jazz tinged techno-house flavour that has become synonymous with his label's sound and is currently in production for his debut album which has been signed up by NRK, in addition to a live mix CD that showcases his unique style behind the turntables.
Jamie began his musical journey into studio production with jazz musician Dave Buxton. Inspired by hip hop, acid house and the booming club scene that had emerged around him, Jamie quickly began to perform and promote club nights in and around his home town of Bristol. He has now grown to the level where he DJ's all over the UK, Europe and beyond having recently toured America (Rotation tour) and Asia.
Alongside solo projects on NRK, Artform, Hope, Countdown 2000, Immigrant and Rotation, Jamie has recently remixed L.S.G, Mood II Swing, Nick Holder, Access 58, Abacus, Twisted Pair, Silvio Ecomo and The Hacker as well as DJing at Dance Valley (Amsterdam/Ibiza), Stereo (Sao Paulo), The End (London) and Movement (Kuala Lumpur) to name a few.
(taken from the NRK Sound Division website)

Jamie Anderson
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