K.Cee discovered his love of DJ-ing in 1981 when he started playing records to entertain his peers at school discos. His fascination for music lead him to the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and effects- always looking to give his music an edge by attempting to synchronise different rhythms. Using a record player and a tapedeck K.Cee created his own mixes of imported synthy-pop tracks.

In 1985, in the age of 16, K.Cee got his first permanent residency in the Dutch club Revolution. He entranced the crowd there every second week for two years, with innovative sets consisting of rare records imported from the UK and the USA, Italian disco and EBM. K.Cee’s talent got him noticed across the Netherlands from 1985 -1989 representing the new trend of mixing which had hit the clubs. In this period he also started to spin with a drummachine besides the 2 turntables. K.Cee featured with mixes on the famous dutch radioshows "3x doordraai" and "de Bond van Doorstarters".

In 1990 K.Cee was engaged as resident DJ at a club called 2 Night. The club was originally set up to encompass diverse music styles but K.Cee blew everyone away with his night dedicated to dance music. Club 2 Night quickly built up a cult status in the Netherlands due to the fact that it was the only club to play techno-trance, while other dutch clubs mainly played the typical dutch hypes "mellow' or "gabber". Partypeople came from far away and from neighbouring Germany to hear K.Cee play his legendary 7-hour sets. He kept this up three times a week until 1995.

K.Cee started up a regional radio show in 1991 taking on the tasks of producer/presentator as well as founding the party organisation Desirable Delight. In 1992 K.Cee got his first taste of a "megaparty" when he rounded off the evening at the Martinihal, Groningen in front of 15.000 people. From 1993 onwards K.Cee’s marathon sets in the club were in popular demand and he went on to organise his own events and received more and more requests to play at party’s from other organisations.

K.Cee’s interest in electronic music far outreaches DJing alone. To infect more people with “the virus”, he started to organise bustrips to big events like Mayday, and Loveparade since 1992, and later I Love Techno or Time-Warp. In 1996 he was hired in as buyer for the Neptune recordstore in Groningen.

In 1997 K.Cee caused a huge impact at Doornroosje in Nijmegen where he was booked as replacement for a famous American techno-dj, from this time he was also a sort of resident for the Highland Beats Labelparty’s in the same location. Later that year he started with the successful kick off of his own event "Bang" in Groningen.

In 2000 K.Cee started up the project Kreislauf, together with his long last friend Mischa. Together they still release records under the name K.Cee or Kreislauf. More info in the section discography.

At the end of 2000 K.Cee was approached by ID&T to perform on the big Shockers-event in April 2001, later on followed by other ID&T party’s and Awakenings. Although those party’s were intended for a “big” audience K.Cee always played techno for open minded people, be it very minimal, trashy, rough or funky. But still his heart beats in the clubs were he can pull people to dangerous edges of insanity. For ID&T he has been mixing a few cd’s now and did a number of releases on the Shockers imprint.