JP Has been playing in bands (bassguitar & drum) since he was 14 years old. Started DJ-ing for fun on illigal radio stations like radio 100, and in local bars. End of '88 he experienced his first house party and was blown away by the massive Sound, positive vibes and open minded people. It took him almost 4 years to buy his first house record. Also because the housescene entered a different level, the music became harder & harder, he realised he had to create his own journey with house music.

Musical style
There is not one style he continues to play, it depends on the party concept or crowd. Over the years he develloped his own style, which can be discribed as Techno, Trance or Groovy Energy Harddance. JP prefers to call it- Instrumental Tech-house Spinning behind 3 decks he likes to stir several styles into one cup, as long as the energy keeps flowig. In 1995 JP opened his own recordstore: Groove Connection in Amsterdam. The store is mainly specialised in Techno, Trance and Harddance. Since the store has opened he received many awards for best recordshop in Holland In 1999/2000 he won the award for best recordshop of the nineties.

In 1997 he started a co-production with the Testasbrothers, who were signed on to Sperm records. Later on he did some remixes for X-ample & Orange recordings with D.J. Misha called Peanuts. Because of the great response of the CD, he did some touring through South-Africa and South-America. In 2000, his first 12'' came out together with Captain Tinrib on the lable: Dirty House Grooves.