Het succesvolle Duitse netlabel Textone trekt binnenkort de stekker eruit. Eigenaar Jay Haze heeft het gevoel dat hij bereikt heeft wat hij wilde en vindt het mooi geweest. Textone zou Textone niet zijn als ze er niet uitgingen met een zeer speciale laatste release! Lees onderstaand bericht van Jay Haze zelf.

just wanna say thanks to all the people who support textone ! it has been a nice journey that has opened alot of doors for many people. early this year textone will be bowing out gracefully it has been a great time for us , but somehow i feel that we accomplished what we were set out to do. after textone , there is soo many great net labels , and it is nice to see that the standard and quality control levels have been raised on the internet scene. i am sure more and more people are seeing the value of having an internet label and the amount of attention this can bring. in the end i do feel it is the future (not only for resources , but because of availablity). we will be closing the label with a very special release from ricardo villalobos ! we will also offer the song for our fans to remix , then the best remixes will also be released on the final textone ! i hope all yall have enjoyed.

ps. we would like to thank especially all our german fans who voted for us in de bug magazine. textone ranked in as #2 net label for the second year in a row !!


  • Heinos


    13 January 2006

    Schade! Toch één van de beste en toonaangevende netlabels around! Ben wel benieuwd naar die laatste release.

  • Ro


    13 January 2006

    Crabclawcollective en Ultrachrome! Dik.
    Ik denk dat Haze een goede beslissing neemt; stoppen als je hebt bereikt wat je wilde bereiken. Kwaliteit voor kwantiteit!

  • Lizzard


    13 January 2006

    txtn007-04-sebastian_buchholz en dan vooral nummer 5 > Muse upon the 63

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