AeoX is a technopunkband from Berlin with various releases on vinyl on Null records and Mental Industries. They are three people playing drumbox, bass, guitar, clarinette and synths.

AeoX was originally formed 1999 as a 4 man project. Today of the original crew 2 people remain: Hanno HTTP Hnkelbein and Al.X.E.

Hanno had been DJing since 1996 and played in various industrial bands since he was 14 years old and changed his surfboard for a guitar, as well as writing score music for the full feature film TRACK (sterlingscreen prod.)
Al.X.E has a degree in piano and clarinette and has produced various acts during his career before aeox started out.

After only playing liveshows for the first year, they decided it was time to hit the studio and fix their sound to vinyl.

Searching around for a while they soon found out, that no label could offer what they expected, so Hanno started his own imprint null records, where they were free to do what they wanted.

A lot has happened since 1999 and after having lots of releases and two bandmembers dropping out, AeoX have found their sound between punk, hip hop, industrial and of course techno. The show is a different story each time, never seen as a program to be played, but a jam session with the people and for the people. The artists are the media for the dancers and the music is made right there from scratch gluing bits and pieces of their releases together in a different way, which gives the sets a living feel and atmosphere, sometimes falling apart for an extended period, only to come back with a big atomic bang, guitars and all.

This year AeoX has finally managed to put together their first album "richandfamous", which will be released in may.

For this particular project they managed to put their stamp on a shitload of different musicstyles that are combined into one of the illest crossover LPs ever, also featuring guest apprearances of bill youngman and bob brown.