DJ Shufflemaster (Tatsuya Kanamori), Japan’s most Underground export is one of the main artists from Tokyo’s Subvoice record label circle. Shufflemaster’s debut single was praised by DJ’s like Laurent Garnier, who in fact liked the track so much that he ended up licensing it for his mix CD. The same track ranked in the NME dance chart, immediately leaving a big impression in everyone’s mind.

DJ Shufflemaster’s constant releases of top-end quality brought the world to recognize this world-class producer and DJ stature. Also well-known for his remixing talents for prominent Techno artsists such as Adam Beyer & Joel Mull, Ben Sims and DJ Rush and has additionally co-produced tracks with Sweden’s Cari Lekebusch.In recent years, Shufflemaster has been invited to DJ in England, Berlin’s Love Parade, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Spain’s Sonar Festival as well as upcoming appearances across Europe supporting the release of his debut album "EXP", released on Tresor in March 2001.

True Techno fans and DJ’s worldwide are well-aware of the quality music that DJ Shufflemaster creates. His many releases with foreign labels prove that it’s not only Japan but the world at large now recognizing him as a world-class producer and DJ.

Of his debut EXP album, DJ Shufflemaster has said: "Artists do not create albums with one theme like humans do not live with one thought. But unwise critics would like to think that albums are done based on one theme. If those critics see ideas or themes that do not agree with theirs in an album, then they reject it immediately. However, my album is not for those unwise critics. What I would like to do is to show my thoughts and everything that I am through an album. If the album does not reflect my ideas and the reasons that I live for, then there will be no meaning for me to create an album. Therefore, the album EXP does not contain just one theme or concept. "Events in life and the factors that surround the musical styles could be expressed by words such as expansion, experience, experiment, exploration, explosion, exposure and express. Thus, the album is titled "EXP".

DJ Shufflemaster