Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost formed in London in 1989 with the intention of producing records that would capture and embody the feel of the big parties happening at the time. The first result was “The Word” single as well as a definite commitment to pursue further possibilities.

Working in a variety of small but ‘atmospheric’ studios, they began to produce a highly sought-after collection of very personal, eclectic and self-financed records through their own label (also called “Holy Ghost”).

It has always been Holy Ghost’s intention to find the more diverse and obscure angles, producing an elusive balance of excitement and intrigue. Longtime purveyors of boundless musical dance experiments using elements of broken-beat, apocalyptic funk, or flat-out Technostomp, Holy Ghost quickly established a name well-known and respected in the Underground for holding little regard for the prevalent and often fickle musical trends of the day.

In 1992, the band’s experimentation became so diverse that it warranted the release of two records under the names ‘Saucer Crew’ and ‘Ouija Board,’ providing Holy Ghost a valve for some of their more ‘flipped out’ sessions.

The band emerged from mystery in 1996 to appear with Tresor Records for their first-ever full-length release, “The Mind Control of Candy Jones”. “Candy…” exposed paranoia experimentation and hidden government schemes in a dark “X-Files meets J. Edgar Hoover” blend.

The long-overdue fanfare that followed triggered two more landmark EP’s that firmly re-established Holy Ghost with an earned respect from the Underground. The vague and multi-personality American ex-pat Art Lukm connected with the band in 1997 to conspire on an even more mind-boggling scheme than “…Candy Jones”.

Although spoken word and vocal bits have always existed in the Holy Ghost catalog, Lukm‘s bizarre dialogues enriched the band‘s texture, becoming especially evident during the live “attack”. “The Art Lukm Suite” album of late-1997 dredged the darkest scandal and conspiracy mythology of the century into a sort of ‘paranoia concentrate’: sonic tales from the darkside melding foreboding rhythms with quirky party elements.

The seamless hour of music emulates the Holy Ghost liveshow in a fascinating portable party package. More accent on the Holy Ghost PA was stressed with the release of the two live EP releases from the Amsterdam (Tresor 107) and Berlin (Molecular UK) shows. Releasing „The Jesus Nut“ EP in 2000 (Tresor.139), Holy Ghost rattled our nerves a step further.

Forging ahead with their tours and live sets, they use a theatrical approach with props and special lighting, mixing music with a sense of performance. The band is committed to presenting the audience with something they can take home with them; a unique atmosphere through imagery and mood that will stay with them long after the club doors shut and the hangover fades away.

Holy Ghost
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