Before 2004, Bern (Laurent Bernonville) was almost well knowned as a dj performing techno/funk/house sets in many clubs and parties in the north of France and Belgium. At that time with K-rym they releases there first 12" on their own label "Tenac-c".
Since the birth of his son, Bern widened his musical approaches and feelings of electronic song-scapes. By weekly playing in the "studio 1" local radio show with Tex and Jonas Bering. He gets some "raw influences" that he injected through his new musical projects with succes: in 2003 his track "loann" was featured on BBC1 Richie Hawtin dj set tracklisting! (The first track of Hawtin's essential mix, red.)
Now Bern explores new rythms & sounds on many labels and Postair the one he has created with Jonas Bering and Tez.
Molair is his new musical project with Tez (Thierry Mbaye).



  • Chris


    22 June 2005

    Zijn site is zeker de moeite waard! Check behalve de mp3-mix die je kan downloaden ook de "useless photo gallery" ;-):D

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