- started musical education in 1985. playing drums.

- 1992
* got in touch with electronic music
* has been checking out various kinds of electronics starting with gabba to harder techno.

- 1994
* started djing - style: kinda hard dancefloor oriented techno.

- 1996
* started producing tracks

- 1997
* moved to berlin

- 1998
* release of "prüfsumme 8" a techno record on a small berlin label called mumu

- 1999
* bored of straight beats - started to make more relaxed music. started being more interrested in designing sounds than beats.

- 2000
* first apparat release on jetlag - "algorythm" got pretty good reviews.
* sascha joined shitkatapult as musician and labelowner.

- 2001
* "multifunktionsebene" was released. the first album was record of the month in trax and de-bug magazines. apparat started touring europe.
* various tracks on compilations followed.
* started working on "shapemodes" with vocalist marit posh and "tttrial and eror" a pure elecronic record.

- 2002
* the ep "tttrial and eror" was released on shitkatapult.
* shitkatapult european tour in winter
* first usa/canada gigs in spring
* collaboration with modeselektor from bpitchcontrol finished the ep "auf kosten der gesundheit" in late 2002. the ep came with a custom screenprint cover in a limited edition on bpitchcontrol.
* started the production of the new apparat album. invited lots of musicians for recording sessions.

- 2003
* continued recording for "duplex" - the second album
* "koax ep" was released in spring on bpitchcontrol.
* remixes for hakan lidbo, timtim, yasume, kero and ellen allien
* production of "remix collection" & "astral ep" with ellen allien. the records came out on bpitchcontrol.
* release of "duplex" in late august. record of the month in de:bug. lots of good reviews all over the world, worldwide tour in fall/winter
* started the production of tracks for the opera "pia" with itallian singer gianna nannini in winter.
* collaboration with david haller (ensemble modern) combining contemporary music with electronic edits.
* thomas fehlmann, anders ilar, monolake and lusine icl. remixing duplex

- 2004
* the duplex remixes were released in march
* remixes for gianna nannini & nitrada
* shapemodes ep finally released on neo ouija in june
* john peel session for bbc1 in may
* played lots of shows & festivals including sonar, 5 & 10 days off & shitparade tour
* "cant computerize it" a quite dancy 12" out on bpc in october
* bus, telefon tel aviv & rechenzentrum are remixing the peelsession (silizium ep)
* apparat remixes bus

- 2005
* silizium was released in january
* fulltime production of a new band-record
* festivalgigs at clubtransmediale/berlin, demf/detroit and mutek/montreal
* remixes for t.raumschmiere & giardini di miro
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  • HmZ


    3 November 2005


    Deze gast maakt muziek… zo mooi!

    Download komponent video, live set barcelona 2003.

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