Tobias Neumann was born on the 19th of July in 1965. He is a producer and DJ. Since 1980 was Tobi a gitarist in more several bands wich played mainly Jazz and Funk. A job as a soundtechnisian began in 1983 and ended in 1989. In 1987 he began to produce movie-music and produced with several bands. In 1989 he started producing for himself by order of television-channels.In 1990 untill 1995 Tobias produced three albums of the band ’Milch’ and the first of the ’Bananafishbones’. He also stays producing music for movies and commercials, for example the movie ’Wolpodzilla’ with Thomas D.In 1995 he plays for the first time on the Loveparade and a year later he decides to become a DJ.He played at several places: Sexy Land, Panasonic (Berlin), PudelClub (Hamburg), Ultraschall (Munchen), Funky Chicken Club (Koln). He does a disco B-tour in Essen, Koln, Frankfurt, Munchen and Mannaheim and is a resident in the Muffathalle (Munchen). He maintains his producing of music for movie and commercial purposes. He also gets in contact with a band later called ’Chicks on Speed’.1998 marks the beginning of ’Flokati House Club’-parties in Ultraschall where Tobias can be seen on regular bases. He produces the second album of the ’Bananafishbones’ and also three tracks for the movie ’23’.One year later he produced music for the movies ÔDer BunkerÕ, Der VoyeurÕ and ’Fussball ist unser Leben’. In the mean time Tobias is very liked producer wich shows in his producing for ’Die Sterne’, ’Stella’, ’Bananafishbones’, ’Chicks on Speed’, DJ Hell, Patrick Pusinger and teh Disko B-Label.1999 is the year where he comes in contact with Sven Vaths ’Cocoon’ and he produces for Sven, Ricardo Villalobos and others. He plays in U60 (Monza), in Robert Johnson and Dorian Gray (Frankfurt) and Airport (Wurzburg), Loveparade, Amnesia and Space (Ibiza).In 2000 / 2001 he writes the music for the movie ’Madchen, Madchen’ and the ’Kaltes Klares Wasser’ from ’Chicks on Speed’ becomes a hit wich he produced.He moves to Berlin and plays on all the big festivals: Time Warp, Love Park, Love Castle, Paleo Festival Genf, Blauer See, Pollerwiesen or the Mayday Polen. As a remixer he is also very liked: 2Raumwohnung, Sieg uber die Sonne, Human League, Phantom and Ghost and others. This results in a nomination for best remix and best producer on the Geman Dance Awards 2001. He also gets a price for best Vinyl Sales Hit with ’Kaltes Klares Wasser’.The year 2002 brings more production for ’Golden Boy with Miss Kittin’ and ’Chicks on Speed’He also remixes Sven Vaths ’Mindgames’ and plays on events like: Time Warp, Mayday (Dortmund and St. Petersburg), Sonne, Mond und Sterne, Love Park (Hanau), Womb-Club (Tokyo) and Blauen See (Ratingen). He also is a resident in Monza (Frankfurt) and Flokati (Munchen).

Tobi Neumann