Juan Sanchez @ Mysteryland

Born, Raised & Rock bands
Juan Sanchez was born in Bussum, The Netherlands, in 1979 and raised in a Spanish/Dutch family. At the age of eight he started learning to play the guitar. Soon he was playing the guitar in various rock bands during his school years.

House Music
Juan got into house music when he started going to house-parties half the nineties. He listened to artists like Tom Harding, Tin-Rib, Cellie and Per. At the age of seventeen he moved to the U.S.A. to study for a year. He was living near Detroit. Over there he went to several raves and experienced a musical style he had never heard before. He discovered it was techno. He loved it and a new passion was born. In 2000 he left the band life behind him, bought a pair of Technics and a mixer and began Dj-ing.

Electric Guitar
His early musical explorations gave him a solid base to build upon. In 2000 he started doing some small parties that his friends had organized. Around that same period Juan started experimenting with his electric guitar and discovered that this is an original and innovating combination. He is one of the very few DJs who?s playing an instrument during a mixing set. Juan?s DJ-sets have lots of energy; he knows how to get the crowd going. His skills, guitar solos, effects and choice of records are what make him a great DJ with an original sound.

Style of music
Regarding the different and renewing view of the next generation DJ?s on house culture, Juan is also not restricted to one style. His DJ-set variates between minimal techno, down tempo and groovy tech-house to the even harder techno but always remains a certain funk into the music. His added values are not only excellent solo?s but contains lot?s of special effects to be looped during his sets.

Juan Sanchez