Started his music career as bass player in the indie/dance outfit ‘Swains’ in 1989,then soon got involved in house and techno production for the belgian ‘KK’ label. Between ’90 and ’94 he released several records as ‘Amazone’ on ‘Nova Zembla’ records and collaborated with dutch producers such as ‘Angelo d’onorio’ and ‘Sander kleinenberg’. His DJ career started in ’90 when he began spinning after shows of the ‘Swains’ , in this period he already played in lots of clubs across Europe such as : ‘Camden Underworld’ - London , ‘Sub Club’ - Manchester , ‘Sukerhuset’ - Copenhagen , ‘Rockefeller’ - Oslo and clubs in Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, Zagreb, Torino, Amsterdam(‘mazzo’, ‘paradiso’), Gent, Lyon, Cologne. From ’99 on the music production became more important and he released his first 12” on his own label ‘Casanova’ , and also did a contribution to the ‘Dutch breakz’ compilation. In 2001 the launch of the ‘Meuse muzique’ label saw him as producer take another direction , with his electro/techno tracks he got recognition by Dj’s like The hacker , Mick wills and Tiga who included the track ‘sacrifice’ on his ‘Dj kicks’ compilation out on ‘!K7’. This year ‘Dr. lektroluv’ will also license the track ‘emolotion’ from the latest ‘Meuse muzique’ for his upcoming compilation. Also the collaboration with the German ‘Pocketgame’ label resulted in two releases , a remix for ‘STR’ and a compilation contribution. Last year he started to produce together with ‘James flavour’ (highgrade,brique rouge), who lives in Berlin where Break3000 frequently plays since 1999 in clubs like Tresor,Cookies,Sternradio. This resulted in two releases for‘Lasergun’, the label of Savas Pascalidis (Gigolo) later this year under the alias ‘Sweet slave’, also the Cologne based Trapez label will release two 12”s as ‘Dirtcrew’ in early 2004 on their new sublabel ‘My best friend’. Break 3000 also did various remixes for Trapez and Traum , especially the ‘Akufen’ remix of last year got a lot of attention by various Dj’s , the other remixes will be released in 2004. Future plans are to expand the music output and to finally create an own platform for his music.