Savas Pascalidis was born in Stuttgart/Germany in 1970. Inspired by his dad, a Greek DJ, and influenced by disco and early 80's music; he starts his career in 1985 as a house/disco/funk DJ in several clubs in Stuttgart. In 1988 he turns more acid and new beat - what was quite popular back then. From 1990 he organises the first weekly techno parties in Stuttgart and area and keeps spinning in many clubs. He meets Goran Mesov from "Megahertz" in 1992 who introduces him to the basics of electronic music production. In 1995 he starts producing his own tracks with an Atari 1040 and a Juno 106 and releases two EPs on Affie Yussuf's label, 909 perversions: "The Power of music" and "Masterblaster".

A demo-tape sent to Cheap records makes the connection with the Vienna cult label Loriz Sounds where Savas releases "Helter Skelter" underground smash hit of 1997. Richard Bartz hears about Savas Pascalidis and puts out "Sugarland Express" on "Kurbel records" a big hit - licensed in Brazil afterwards. Success and popularity are growing with more and more gigs in Germany and abroad.

In 1998 the track "Discotheque" released on the "Kurbel Compilation" comes out like a bomb. The remix of Richard Bartz hits the Groove Magazine top ten list in the category "best remix of the year" and the track is played on the dancefloors all over the world.

In 1999 Savas delivers a great outline of his musical abilities including references to his disco/funk roots with "Sexomatic" also released on Kurbel. End of 1999 Savas Pascalidis creates his own record label: Lasergun records, the perfect platform for this particular kind of music. "Stellar Funk" and "Disco Galaxy" open the way to many successful 2000 is a very prolific year. Savas remixes Sexual harassment's "I need a freak" and Superastronaut's "Dancing in outer space" which is strongly influenced by the 80's. Three days of studio with Lab Insect end up with the ep "Venus" released under the name of "Universal Power". The "Cosmic Dancer" ep also comes out that year on Kurbel, after 12 months of hard work, offering a very well balanced mixture of Savas Pascalidis favourite styles 80's-disco-techno.

Follows a succession of carrying events. Savas hooks up with International Deejay Gigolo records and releases the "Space affair" ep that consolidates his growing reputation and makes him more and more appreciated by the crowd. He also produces remixes for Agoria and for Club MCM on Feis records.

In 2002 Savas Pascalidis moves to Berlin. He releases the awesome "Galactic Gigolo" album on Gigolo records. The impact is amazing. His popularity takes off. Savas plays every week; he gets a residency at Polar TV in Berlin and Lasergun records is one of the references in matter of record labels. From January to April 2003 he goes on tour with Lasergun artists and plays in festivals such as Sonne Mond Sterne, Benicassim, Lowlands. and more.

He makes remixes for Luke Slater, Water Lilly and Binge and Purge; selects the tracks for the first Lasergun compilation and works on a new album.

With such a career and a very promising future Savas Pascalidis is definitely one of the main figures of the contemporary electronic scene.

Savas Pascalidis