Orchid is an 28 years old dj that started to get interrested in House music many years ago. It al started in his own bedroom playing the works of Derrick May, Carl Craig, Blackdog, Rephlex and many other House pioneers. This hobby developed itself to the level of playing at small parties at houses of some friends and small venues. In 1991 he started as resident of the club Gdansk in Groningen and played there on the saturday-evening a mix of house music like the New York garage from the Strictly Rhythm label. Later on, in 1995, Orchid was asked to become resident from club 'The Palace' in Groningen where he played on friday-evenings along with Techno dj's like Orlando Voorn and Steve Rachmad but also with Trance dj's like Marco V and Tiesto. It was in this period that Orchid started to perform at different locations in the Netherlands playing different sets from Techno to Trance music. His talent was also picked up by ID&T. He resently played at Shockers in 'de Rai' in Amsterdam with names like Dj Hell, Dave Clarke and K.Cee. Before his apperance at Shockers, Orchid played also at Mystery Land and Innercity. It seems that Orchid is at the point of his breakthrough in the Netherlands.