Playing is good for the development. KID ALEX is playing much, and he's playing, where playing is done best: on the playground. You might think of those wooden horses with big blue springs beneath. No, that's not the playground we're talking of. KID ALEX got his act together and took the clubs in and around Germany as his playground.
Already at the innocent age of eight years, KID ALEX jumped at the music and created his first tapes using the exceptionally smart pause key technique. But with the technics advancing, he soon made contact with the record players of the same name, trading them in for his good old mono tape recorder.
KID ALEX is 15 now, and buying his records in the well known Hamburg vinyl store Underground Solution. Of course, his allowance wasn't high enough for the numerous new arrivals, so he started to work where he spends his money. From then, he was sitting at the very source.
One year later, the producer Michi Lange celebrated his 30th birthday in the then popular La Cage, and KID ALEX got the opportunity to spin as warm-up DJ there. He soon got the well-known birthday party in the mood with his set, and the floor rocked. The rest is history.
Since that evening, things have been developing fine for KID ALEX. He got the first remix requests and spinned alongside well-known DJ colleagues, like the Knee Deep Bros., Brian Tappert, Pete Heller, Boris D'lugosch or Full Intension.

Kid Alex