Francesco Pico

*Francesco Pico was born in 1976 and as a little kid his love for music already showed. When Francesco turned 8 years old he got his first guitar and started to write his own music.
For years he listened to bands like Camel, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, King Krimson, Eloy and Queen

* In 1991 Francesco got in touch with House music and he liked it immediately. Because he already wrote his own music, logically he started to produce House music. His passion for House music even took the leading part.

* After a year of producing Francesco Pico started to experiment with his, meanwhile built up, record collection. He developed his second passion: "Dj'ing".

* A couple of years later (in 1996) his début with the song 'Fayline' came on the cd "this is mellow house 1996-2" and right after that, his first record with the same title came out on "Waves Records". This helped him to be heard by the public as a DJ at locations in Zoetermeer, Den Haag and environs; like club "Locomotion" and Dance Café "Spoor 3" where he was resident for 2 years.

* A few releases later the club-track 'We call em DJ' came out, which immediately appeared in the national top 100 Dance chart.
Its successor 'Listen to my heart' also made it to the Dance charts and appeared on many compilation cd's.

*Also as a remixer Francesco showed his talents; One of his remixes "Go ahead London" became a real success.

* In 1998 Francesco Pico started his own record store with 2 friends in Vlaardingen. But 1,5 years later he realised the time he needed to run a store harmed his producing.Therefore he left his companions and the record-store in October 1999.

* With more music knowledge and a lot more experience Francesco signed a record contract with "One Star", the label of DJ Erick-E.
Its first release 'Magnitude Prefic 1' was a success in England and supported by DJ's like Sasha, Anthony Pappa,Ralph Lawson, Mathew Hardwick and of course Graham Gold who released it on his Good:as label with remixes of DAVE ANGEL and TREVOR ROCKLIFFE.

*As a DJ he starts to play more and more like Future-Nightown, Kremlin/Eve-Cubic, Beachpop,Future stars Escape, De Kade-Zaandam, IT-Amsterdam, Radio 3FM and his momentarily residencies at DJcafeSOL-Amsterdam, radio Fresh FM and Club Chaos grooves at Zoetermeer.

He played beside dj's like:Gene Farris, Andy Morris, Phats & Small, Erick-E, Per, Lucien Foort, Michel de Hey, Tiesto, Jean, Benny Rodriques and lots more.

*His style can be described as progressive electroplated funk house music

Francesco Pico