aka G-Force

Stanny was born on the first of November 1973 in Tongeren, Belgium and grew up in the tranquil countryside. At the age of 12 he moved to the city of Tongeren. As a single child he quickly learned to be independent and he was able to keep himself busy on his own for hours. In those days it were scale models that took up most of his attention, but that changed quickly. Music would become his biggest love. Thanks to some friends he got in touch with electronic body music and new wave, both styles already drawing a lot from electronica (e.g. Front 242, Nitzer EBB). The ‘Krapuul Deluxe’ radio show, hosted by Luc Janssen, on the Dutch station VPRO was a further source of inspiration. The early Underground Resistance tracks that were programmed on the show were a revelation and helped him to develop a serious taste for Detroit techno. Around the age of 16 Stanny played his first party, mainly programming acid techno (UR, +8). Infected by the music virus he started even buying more records and the thought of making music himself popped up in his head quite freqently.

To be able to start making music he had to take on a weekend job as a waiter in a club. With the money from this job he could buy some pieces of equipment. After a period of experimentation and getting to know his equipment he sent out some demotapes to record companies. Big Time International, a record firm in Ghent, showed a lot of interest. The tracks needed a finishing touch so Stanny went into the studio with Bart Grinnaert and Laos Mezarros. The project ‘Propionic’ on Reload was born and would result in three releases : ‘XY Desolvation’, ‘Immunochemical Epoxy’ and ‘Back-Feed’. Stanny invested further in equipment because he wanted to make tracks all by himself. After a year he was satisfied with the result of a couple of fresh tracks made with the new equipment. Again Reload was happy to release them : Cronical Re-Form was a fact.

Stanny was encouraged by the appeal his music seemed to have and started to produce a lot. Zzino, the former label manager of Reload, could not release all the tracks. This lead to a new alliance with KK, who were more than eager to release Stanny’s material under the name ‘G F’. Under the name G F Stanny released two full albums : Electronic Lesson 1 & EL2, both receiving critical acclaim in the international dance press and among colleagues, Electronic Lesson 1 even reaching the number one spot in Sven Väth’s chart. Mr. Väth obviously took a liking to Stanny’s work and played his ‘Obsession For The Unknow ep’ during his ultrashort set at the Siegesäule during Love Parade ’98. After this kind of exposure other people started picking up his extraordinary skills. New contacts and deals followed. ‘Mystic Shape’ became Stanny’s monicker on Primate and the release triggered international bookings. During one of his trips abroad he met Marco Carola and the two instantly connected. Marco asked him to do some tracks resulting in ‘The Fifth Galaxy ep’ on both Zenit and Ante Zenit (Ltd). One day Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek was on the phone after hearing Stanny’s material over at Carola’s house. ‘Between The Lines ep’ came out on Conform at the end of 1998. Another massive release followed on the label Intense.

The French label Kobayashi showed on interest as well with the ‘Oxidation ep’ (and the ‘Calibration ep’ in september 2000) to prove it. Releases on Zync, Skunkworks, Molecular and Countdown 2000 (May) were next on his agenda, together with a new release on Primate. Stanny also started thinking about an own imprint. In august 1999 plans were drawn out for GENETIC RECORDS with the first release in february 2000 : ‘Absolution ep’ (G-Force). In april the second release came out : ‘Timeless ep’again under the G-Force monicker. A third is scheduled for october with the fourth already queued up for november. Between all the releases in Stanny still finds time to accept some of the numerous remix requests. Among the people who came knocking on his door to get remixes done were names such as Henrik B, Johan Bacto, Samuel L Session, Monika Kruse and Misstress Barbara.

Stanny’s plans for the future include starting up his own site : http://www.geneticrecordings.com (which is up and running since august), more releases on labels such as KK, Gaetek’s Comform and Carola’s Zenit and an album for Zenit due for release early 2001. He tries to combine all of this with a pretty hectic dj-schedule that takes him all over Europe. After hearing him play you will soon know why. Stanny masters the three decks and isn’t afraid to throw in some effects if the setup allows. Try catching him if he plays in your neighbourhood and prepare for an uplifting and dynamic set.

Stanny Franssen