Native of Montpellier, this duet consists of Gil le Gamin, DJ, and the creator of the shop Z'appies as well as the label G-Funk, and Olivier M, a music passionated composer.

They met at Z'appies wher Olivier M once deposited a demo. Gil is at once seduced by the "side-blocked" of the rythmics and by the power it exhales. Fortnight later they work together. We are at the begining of 99', and their first piece will be the third reference of G-Funk.

Olivier and Gil live in Montpellier a quiet domestic life, indeed far from the parisian showbizz. Neither one of them like the subtleties of the night life…Gil prefers to go fishing during his hours of leisure or to attend a rugby-game ( a sport he has practised for 12 years ); whereas Olivier M likes fiddling his machines all through the night or surrendering to the beach to look at the thunder storms on the sea…at three o'clock in the morning ! He lives at night.

Their duet is additional and puts all its talents in the service of a common urge : make people dance.

Their absolute musical reference : the techno from Detroit.

No stress in the horizon of this new millenium : the year 2001 announces itself as the most exciting with the release of a EP each month between March and June, and of an album in september.

The Youngsters