" Committed to living life for art, Justin Berkovi, in addition to his live set performance work / production / web development / graphic design projects, has also founded his own labels, Predicaments and Nightrax. Hailed as a visionary in the field of techno and electronic music, Berkovi combines the steely frenzy of techno with an ambient and occasionally mystical feel.

The result is like the character Pris from the movie Blade Runner, a living, breathing (and deadly) artificial life form that oozes life and sensuality. Occasionally abandoning rhythm altogether, the best of Berkovi's compositions are like paintings, where layers blend and merge into a story that is not evident at first contact.

Berkovi embodies all the best elements of the modern artist. Gone are the days of patronage, and only the creator can see that his works are brought to the public. The hardworking and determined Berkovi is a model all independent artists can gain inspiration from. "

L.V.R. Odiaga for Cductive, New York 1999

Born from a heritage of Hip Hop, Graffiti and a passion for innovative music and design, Berkovi is a true artist in the very spirit of the word. His album 'Charm Hostel' was a dark and introspective debut displaying a maturity and depth that belied Berkovi's years - DJ Magazine described it as 'Percussive Genius…at once accessible and thought provoking' and Magic Feet predicted that Justin '…could well turn out to be a future leading light in UK electronica'

The next few years provided Berkovi with an opportunity to shape his ever evolving sound - his second album on Force Inc, entitled 'After the Night' was praised by critics and demonstrated a filmic evolution to his music. Whilst creating abstract soundscapes Justin simultaneously rocked the dancefloors of clubs on an international scale with a host of 12" e.p.s on labels such as Djax-up-beats, Projex, Sativae, Mosquito, Harthouse, Force Inc, Sonic Groove and many more.

He also runs both the PREDICAMENTS and NIGHTRAX labels - Pred001 entitled EPGB was MIXMAG techno tune of the month, 'miss it at your peril' was their advice… Justin's also released an NME DANCE SINGLE OF THE WEEK with his fierce and brooding '01273 VIOLENCE e.p.' on Force Inc. In addition to this and perhaps closer to Justin's heart was the opportunity to produce four tracks for the John Peel Session on BBC Radio One.

Justin doesn't DJ - he prefers to play live and has taken his intense and renowned sets to international destinations such as Japan, USA, Israel, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Malta and beyond. 2002 sees the enigmatic Berkovi travel to Australia and back to Japan and the USA for further album related tours.

The increase in Justin's profile as a live performance artist persuaded the legendary COCOON booking agency owned by Sven Vath to sign Justin up for worldwide exclusive bookings and this partnership can only grow and expand in the years to come.

With a new album to be released in 2002, Justin's fifth to date, a host of remixes under his belt and plans to develop music for cinema Justin Berkovi is constantly working and enjoying his dedication to creativity. He even has won considerable respect as a designer and time permitting works on a host of web design and related projects.

Justin Bervoki
Verenigd Koninkrijk