Greg Martini (

In the beginning of his DJ-career, Gregor Prizmic-Martini was thinking of using the name Prizmix as DJ name. After a short while his friends came up with Greg Martini, which sounded like really good techno-music to his ears.
Greg fell in love with Techno at Awakenings, his first real and favorite party. Though he can play a variety of different styles, Greg prefers the rougher kind of music. Lately he has become more and more admirable to elektro-music.
Without a doubt, his friends have been a great inspiration to start functioning as a DJ. One of them, whom Greg is very thankfull to, is DJ BMC. He gave him the opportunity to play a set at Pandora's Box (Haarlem). BMC never lost faith in Greg, and what followed were monthly techno-night's every last friday of the month.
Another DJ who joined Pandora's Box soon was DJ Jerome. Jerome is an acitve DJ at Awakenings and played I Love Techno in 2001. Working togehter with Jerome is a huge honour for Greg and it's all working out very well.

Since that time, Greg played at Multigroove where he represented techno. In June he was featured on the main stage, quite an experience, as you can see in the pictures in the gadgets area.
Greg is a really upcoming DJ and the support of his friends is one of the most important factor in Greg's performance. His plans for the future? He wants to buy a house with a studio, start producing tracks, preferably 3 days a week. These are all the dreams that hopefully will be realized sometime in the future, only time will tell.
Greg's greatest ambition is to play a set at Awakenings in the gashouder. But ofcourse, more bookings are great to get.
And finally, this is how Greg sees it: Techno isn't just electronic music, it's an addiction you must learn to control.

Greg Martini