"I want to tell something, I want to include stories in my tracks, I want to say something, and it's up to everybody himself to decide if it's important or not.
(Anthony Rother, Groove Magazine 1998)
It's 2000. During the last years Anthony Rother has become one of electronic music's topacts. He's one of a few who is doing statements, who's respected for his ablity to reflect, and some might say he is his biggest critic…

"The idea of a track is very spontaneous, but to create a song from a track is hard work".
(Anthony Rother, de:bug interview)

Anthony Rother's first release was in 1988. His first productions are inspired by John Carpenter Soundtracks, that's why they are more soundscape like and close to music for films. But one thing seems to be decided already: Music as a medium to transport emotions and statements.
The point when it really started was when Anthony Rother met Heiko Laux, the founder and owner of Kanzleramt records, where also their first release came out and many more followed… . Heiko Laux is also one of the few people Anthony is willing to produce with.

"Sex with the machines", maybe the most important and also most known release of Anthony Rother was also released on Kanzleramt. He worked more than one year on the ep before he was satisfied with it. While Heiko Laux was concentrating on the labelwork and created one of Techno's leading Labels (Kanzleramt), Anthony Rother became one of electronic music's most interresting artists. He released on labels like PSI49NET, Kanzleramt, Elektrolux and some more.

PSI49NET, Rother's own label, brings the platform for more, like the pop-oriented project "Little Computer People". Watch out for the recently released remixes of that great tune done by Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos and Kanzleramthead Heiko Laux. Another really important release on his label is the interpretation of the classic Kraftwerk track "Trans Europe Express", which became soon a Clubhit and was played by nearly every DJ in the world.

"Trans Europe Express", "Dont stop the beat" and "Little Computer People" are productions which proove the restless work of Rother to create his own Sound and to avoid to stand still. But Anthony Rother has been also asked for some remixproductions, like for Sven Väth's "Schubdüse" or Thomas Schuhmacher's "when I rock" and he did more than a good job… The fact that Sven Väth has chosen him to produce 4 Tracks of his upcoming album "contact" speaks for itself. Pathfinder, Ydolem, Once More and Agent P. are the productions of these two personalities in the world of electronic music.

The "contact" tour will bring you some of Anthony Rother's live Performances, where he also plays Tracks of his upcoming new album which was produced during the last twelve months, where Rother decided to reflect about what has happened and what will follow…. The album "Simulationszeitalter" offers lots of songs, not tracks. Well arranged, perfectly edited Sounds, are the receipt of this very very special release.

Anthony Rother