Patrick Lindsey aka. Voodooamt
Born in 1973 in Büdingen / Germany

Well J I used to live in Bad Nauheim before and since 1996 I moved to a village near Mönchengladbach. Not much to say about the village .. good thing is we got a 24H opened gas-station ..well that’s great for my beer supplies J otherwise it’s a nice place to live for such famous peeps like me *g* they don’t recognize me j/k .. no I just wanted to say this village is so small but even I don’t know even my neighbors ..only my local pizzaman and those home delivery services J hihi
Situation atm … hmmm well .. everything gonna be all right J

Well, what I can say.. could it be ..A. my local police station ? or B. a club with great music such as Scooter / Mad House ? or could it be C .. a nice comfy home with everything what I need .. with a music-studio in it .. warm meals provided by my local cook’s in town ?
Well … fav. Places r for me Fun-Parks.. like WB-Movie World or so .. but I didn’t had the chance to see funparks for a while.. which I will change pretty soon though.. J
And a very very fav place for me is .. the chair in front of my computer J I’m a Unreal Tournament addict .. I even got with a friend a clan .. and we play in leagues and such things.
And it’s fun when I travel to my gigs and some of my clan member’s leave close to that town or so ..I always meet up with them and stay a bit at their place .

FAVOURITE RESTAURANT: Well that is one of the easiest question I ever can get J
Take care that u don’t pass with me a Thai –Restaurant .. my biggest dream is always to kidnap
Those great thai-cooks ..and let them work only in my kitchen J …uhm for free of course :P

FAVOURITE RECORDSHOP: Flipside based in Düsseldorf … 2 friends of me running that shop …well I don’t buy so much records .. but they always take care that I don’t miss to much great releases … they kind of cheap compared to most other shops ..

CHILLOUT SPOT: of course my home… in my bed in front of the teli .. or in front of my computer playing games J

Patrick Lindsey