What comes into your mind when someone mentions DJ Dave Seaman? Big house anthems from Brothers In Rhythm? Mind-shagging sets of boshing epic trance at Renaissance or a thousand other clubs around the world? The producer who gave Kylie Minogue a sheen of dancefloor cred with Confide In Me? Correct on all three counts.

But there's another side to Mr Seaman, one that you¹ll discover lurking in the grooves of this CD. Like Nick Warren before him, Dave Seaman has taken the All Back To Mine challenge: drop the beats, forget the dancefloor, mix us up your favourite selection of tunes to unwind the club-ravaged mind. And he¹s passed with flying colours.

It's a beautiful, sumptuous mix that slides imperceptibly from Craig Armstrong¹s string-smothered version of Massive Attack¹s Weather Storm to newcomers Genetica¹s strange and otherworldly Future Past. It mixes up trusted chill-out favourites - Global Communication¹s classic Epsilon Phase, the Kruder And Dorfmeister remix that despatches stadium-filling synth monsters Depeche Mode to the land of nod, the genius of Lamb¹s Gorecki, a lost classic that could melt the hardest of hearts to a big, tearful puddle - with a handful of exclusive moments. There¹s another DJ more associated with all things epic and trancey, the mighty Sasha, showing off his softer side with Baja, a track that¹s languished in the vaults, unheard, unknown and unreleased: until now. And Brothers In Rhythm¹s own exclusive contribution, a slice of cinematic ambience quite unlike anything they¹ve done before.

And while we're on the subject of the cinema, if you¹re looking for the inspiration behind this mix, then look no further than the stacks of videos and soundtrack CDs clogging up Dave Seaman¹s apartment. He listens to film scores all the time. He¹s always wanted to make his own. Now he¹s done it: call this CD a soundtrack without a film and you¹d be spot on. He¹s even talking about making a film to go with it, something abstract, maybe just images without a plot. Watch this space.

But for the time being, though, our advice is the same as last time around. We prescribe a night out clubbing, followed by a weary stagger home. Put this album on, and indulge yourself in a soothing smoke. Then lie back. Close your eyes. And watch the in-flight movie on the inside of your eyelids.

Dave Seaman
Verenigd Koninkrijk