In 1995, Chris started Fade Records. The label was set up to release his own material written and produced with partner Neil Kolo. This label was one of the first in Orlando, and along with Zone and Knightlife, it became the catalyst for the Orlando music production scene to blossom.

That year the label duo has produced four singles that have all been signed to UK labels and remixed artists like DJ Icey, Reefa, Mr Happy, Boston Bruins, Pendulum, Kimball/Dekkard. This great production start led to Glasgow's Limbo Records signing Fade to a multi-album deal. At the same time Fade, the artists and label, were taking off, Chris's DJing career was moving faster than ever.

1997 saw more of the same for Chris. A heavy studio schedule with his partner Neil consisting of top name remixes for artists like BT, Chris & James and Space Brothers and original projects with new found vocalist Dauby Talles. In April and May of 1997, Chris was on his first full scale DJ tour throughout the UK with Jimmy Van Malleghem and John Digweed playing clubs like Cream, Sugar Shack and Babalicious.

1998 was another strong year - the Fade duo proceeded to remix one of the years top anthems in Delerium's "Silence".

In 1999 we will see Chris, as a DJ, return to many of his favorite cities and countries as well as back to England and Europe and much anticipated trips to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.