In the currently stagnating climate of formulated, production-line dance music, there is a glimmer of hope in the Welsh Valleys, where originality, broad minded creativity and technical ingenuity combine in forming a three headed musical beast called "Hybrid".

The trio throw massive soundscapes imbued with intelligent beats, organic instrumentation and electronic wizardry into a sonic melting pot which transcends the traditional boundaries of dance music, crossing over into previously unchartered realms. Cutting and pasting from the best music of every conceivable genre, Hybrid constructs sweeping film score backdrops, that sound as comfortable in an armchair as they do on the dance floor. The band cite wide ranging influences from the funk of Isaac Hayes, through to the atmospherics of Pink Floyd and John Barry to the beats of Aphrodite, Dr Dre and LFO.

The boy's are currently piecing together their debut album for Distinctive Records, provisionally titled "Wide Angle", which looks set to cause a stir outside the perimeters of dance music. There will be a number of unusual and surprising collaborations on the long player, including a famous hip-hopper, an operatic diva and the 60 piece Russian Federal Orchestra from Moscow, who will be complimenting their ethereal string arrangements, all throwing new flavours into the pot alongside the Hybrid sound.

Hybrid now deliver us with a tasty double A side entitled "Altitude/Kill City". The single is currently receiving A grade DJ returns from the likes of Rennie Pilgrim, Adam Freeland, Sasha and Digweed, alongside their remixes, see Blue Pearl, Comix, Energy 52, which are causing chaos on dance floors.

Verenigd Koninkrijk