1989 • Started On-off dj-ing at parties, with various styles at various places
1997 • Co-founder of Global Darkness. Involved in organising local underground squatparties.
1998 • Involved in underground parties in the West Coast of Holland area.
1999 • Designed and built the Global Darkness website, which grew into one of the biggest and most active electro/disco sites on the Internet. Teamed up with Bunker-Records Den Haag. Designed and built the Bunker Records website.
2000 • Started the Bunker Records Dirty Brown World Tour Together with Unit Moebius founder Schmerzlabor and Legowelt & Orgue Electronique.
2001 • Toured Europe. Became resident at Funky Teddyz (BE) parties. At the end of the year he started the electro/disco label Crème Organization. Crème Organization has released over 10 records in one year, that have been played and licensed by dj's from all over the world. Released his first record as Mr Clavio.
2002 • Toured the USA and Canada twice and Europe inbetween, while expanding the site and label. His inventive tight mix of freaky retro Italo sounds, deep Cocadisco and twisted Electro-funk has gained him recognition in the Electro circle worldwide as one of the best DJ's around..

Plans for 2003: US West-Coast Tour, Japanese Tour more Euro touring, release at least 10 more records.