trac.tile adj. : Capable of being drawn out in length; ductile: a tractile metal.
track n. : a distinct selection of music from a recording or a compact disc.
tac.tile adj. : Of, relating to, or proceeding from the sense of touch; tactual.


Tractile's main principal of motivation is that of control: the interuption of natural time flow and the concept of using that interuption as an opportunity to create something new. Crafting minimal grooves and finely-tuned soundscapes, Tractile uses everything at their disposal - synthesizers, software and even the world around them. Tractile uses the concept of controlling and altering events in time as applied to recorded audible events, adding a rhythm and funk to these events regardless of how simple or mundane their origns are. This process allows for individuals to enjoy new dimensions events experienced everyday.

Tractile has two members: Joel Boychuk (born in 1985) and Adam Young (born in 1983). Both Adam and Joel had grown up in Sarnia, Ontario; where they eventually had met, became friends and co-operated in a few years of mischievious adventures in high school. During this time, they had shared and further explored their love for various forms of electronic music and eventually formed Tractile.

Tractile's sound draws from many musical influences while managing to be it's own brand of musical output, very reminiscent of everything that's been happening with modern minimal techno and microhouse in the past 3 years or so. As Tractile, Adam and Joel have played dozens of live shows, pleasing and energizing the dancefloor everytime. Having played at various clubs and nightspots all over North America, as well as various music festivals and outdoor events, Tractile and their audiences are only left craving for more.

Joel Boychuk

At 19 years of age, and with the world at his feet, Joel wants to make good music, eat good food, and be in good company. His daily life is seemingly robotic in nature, in that he does only what he's programmed to do: minimal consumption, maximal production.

Adam Young

Having been familiar and comfortable with everyday use of technology and computers since his intro to BASIC programming at the early age of three, it's no surprise that Adam's creative and intelligent nature brought him to the world of electronic music production. Adam has been producing electronic music of various forms since he was 12 and plans to do so until the day he dies or goes deaf.