Crane A.K.

Markus Gniech (Knigge) and Michael Friedrich (a.Nov) started in winter 1998 their Crane A.K. project. They like to think of their music as minimal tracks based inbetween house and techno soundscapes. Crane A.K. like to create their own style by combining experimental sound work with a kind of relaxed monotony in their tracks.

Referring to their individual preferences the two partners add different abilities to the project: as a DJ Knigge(Markus) transports his experience of the floor into the tracks and does the communication for the band. Michael has been producing synthetic music for more than a decade, and focuses on sounds and arrangements of the tracks.

In the tracks you can experience that Crane A.K. is not only a musical partnership, but a solid connection of two friends. By fortune, the musical roots of both are almost the same, starting with very early ebm-stuff and never leaving the synthetic way of life.

Michael Friedrich was born 14.02.1969. Starting with synth and samplers 1987. First release with „Frame of Mind“ in 1990 at Zoth Ommog Frankfurt am Main (Germany), passionated synthmaniac and sound-crusher Markus Gniech (DJ Knigge) was born 15.10.1972. He started his career in 1993 with playing some tracks on certain techno nights around Germany. His style is between deep house minimal house (micro house) and minimal techno. Producing he starts in 1996 with a small project in the south of Germany but no releases. Clubs he played: Tresor Berlin, Casino Berlin, Robert Johnson Offenbach, Magnet Rostock, Delicious Doughnuts Berlin, Drifters Club Freiburg and some clubs in Switzerland and Europe.

Crane A.K.