The Advent

The Advent have been involved in the house / techno scene for many years now. Cisco Ferreira kicked his career off in style when, not long after leaving college. He found himself working as a sound engineer for Jack Trax, engineering for Derrick May, Fingers Inc & Adonis. Cisco's solo releases included the 1988 classic "Space Opera's" Ghentlon & The Project on R&S Records, Belgium and the eponymously titled Cisco Ferreira EP on Fragile records (fragile 001). His other engineering/production credits includes work with Loose Ends (80's uk soul group), Salt Tank, Ashley Beedle & Darren Price, Mundo Musiq, Robert Leiner..

Cisco was also involved in collaborations in 1990, with Fade II Black (jay denham) for Bio Rhythms 2 on Network Records. Cisco co produced with CJ Bolland on The 4th Sign l.p/ Mantra, Camarage, Nightbreed and Live At Universe for R&S Records.

In 1994 Cisco signed to Internal Records and formed The Advent. Since then The Advent have released a series of outstanding EP's that have combined the best elements of Electro and Techno, but always producing music with a dance floor edge.

Elements of Life (1994) represented The Advent's sound perfectly and many of the tracks had already been road-tested in their live performances that year, tribal gathering u.k. & germany, club u.k.

Then came Shaded Elements (remix project) and this was followed by the release of the 3rd album New Beginning's (1996) one quote from a magazine said "Prepare to phunk Advent style, to this brain shaking, electro-frying sequel".

The Advent have been causing mass limb gyration and sound detonation world-wide and whether it's at the hands of a pair of 1210's or during live performance's. The Advent have taken hold of the millennium dance floor and decoded its alien phunk scripture into their own sound system speaker shock blast. This in fact is the New Testament of dance music.

In 1998 came the distinctive mixed & edited album, Kombination Phunk, this was a series of tracks supplied by the likes of Dopplereffect, Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems and Joey Beltram.

Cisco now runs a number of labels including Kombination Research & Alpha Recordings. Kombination Research was launched in 97 the mission was to keep it 100% Advent style, and after departing from London records in 97 Cisco wanted to re build the love of music strictly for the underground masses, after 13 successful releases on Kombination Research the time has come to present a long player with the same idea as shaded elements, this project "Re Creations" will be based released in 2002 and will be introducing talent from the last 7/8 years to remix all the past 14 EP's on K.R.

Alpha Recordings.

This label is for Cisco's G Flame project, which is more for the house heads, there has been 5 releases to date plus projects & remixes on various other labels Moody, Bush, Strive, Music Man & Real Estate Records

The Advent