Born in Naples on the 7th February 1975, Marco Carola has emerged in the last four years as one of the citys most influential exponents of techno and electronic music.

Growing up in the Neapolitan sunshine, by the age of 13 he got behind the skins of his first drum kit which he played for years before getting into buying and playing records.

During 1990 when the Italian House scene was enjoying it`s golden age alongside the madness of Acid House, Carola`s drum kit was rapidly replaced by a two record player set and a mixer whereupon he practised the art of mixing and learnt how to DJ to house musics new dancefloor rhythm.

Alongside like minded friends such as Gaetano Parisio, Davide Squillace, Random Noize and other Neapolitan clubbers and DJs who were looking for something new in club music, the transition towards techno for Carola began in 1993. With the Golden age of the Italo-house movement nearly at it`s end techno offered a whole new vision of possibilities to create and experiment with new and exciting sounds.

Around this time Marco Carola also started to think about building a studio in order to express his own vision of techno music. His ability to mix music and his emerging studio talent made many artists come to his studio to record. Between his various more house orientated releases around this time he even managed to produce a 12" for the highly respected MAW (Masters at Work)imprint.

Carola soon found the creative limitations of recording for other people`s labels too restrictive for his own creative output and in 1996 he set about producing material for a new dynamic sound that was more in line with where he was heading. Design Music became the first Italian label to focus purely on releasing techno music, bursting out of Naples with his own Man Train 12" as the inaugural release.

Quickly garnering support from techno DJs worldwide, Carola`s sound seemed to immediately slot somewhere between Surgeon`s dynamic syncopation, Lost`s cavernous walls of sound and Blueprint`s hi-fidelity. The label now acts as one of the main lifelines for fresh techno music from Italy and most notably Naples with new up and coming artists like Gaetek and Random Noize releasing under the Design banner.

After Design, Carola founded his 1000 imprint in 1998 in order to produce ultra-fresh DJ music which he could test on his ever expanding international giging schedule. By 1998 his first Australian tour was in progress, swiftly followed by tours of Canada and America where his unique 3 deck, mixing style made him one of the most requested techno djs at the time.

In January 1998 Marco Carola has teamed up with Gadgets and i220 founder Corrado Izzo and established two new labels in the shape of Zenit and Question as part of the ELP (Electronic Label Pool) umbrella for artists and labels. 3 years of development the network.

Since the beginning of 2001 Marco Carola lives after a two years break in Frankfurt in London.

A few month later in October 2001 Marco showed his complete vision of electronic music by releasing his second album “Open System” which was really quite successful. It is a mix of different styles, a combination and fusion also containing some slower stuff, breaked electronical beats, melodical influences, experimental arrangements together with alive organic sounds and pads.

He stands as one of techno music`s prime movers.

Marco Carola