Johan's interest in underground dance music developed in the late 80's. At 15 years of age he obtained 2 Technics 1210 which became the highlight of his room! Most of his free time between the ages of 15-20 were spent between the decks & going to parties.

In 1993 he threw his first party & kept arranging small underground parties in the city of Jönköping (Sweden). Throughout the next few years, he began to spin more frequently and his Djing style became more techno oriented.

In 1996 Johan along with the help of a friend, decided to make his own music with little equipment. Six tracks were pressed and released on only a hundred white labels. The record received a great responce which lead to further interest in producing music.

One year later, Johan started his first label: PLACKTOWN SOUNDS. The music for this label had only one purpose: To be great! No special style was decided upon for PLACKTOWN SOUNDS, but later, the music on the label became more soulfull & housey.

Shortly after, it became very apparant to Johan that there was a great need for a technolabel. This is when he decide to create the now well-known label ZYNC. Zync became a respected techno label practically overnight & gave birth to artists like Henrik B & Mhonolink.

After the Success of Zync, Johan needed a playground for his own material; he then started MANKIND. The first release became an underground hit & completely sold out! Djs like Ritchie Hawtin , Dave Clark & Thomas Krome played that very record.

After this the label, COUNTDOWN 2000 was founded. One record was to be released each month during 1999. This label was one of the greatest during 1999. With releases from artists like Dj Misjah, G-Force, Jamie Anderson & Pounding Grooves it became an "must have" for quality techno.
At the end of 1999, Johan started the label SKUNKWORKS which gave the new artist/DJ Hardcell a safe home to release his manic dj tools.
A new sublabel called DEVIL`S CHOICE was founded in beginning of 2001 by Johan.

The music on this label is a co Production between Hardcell & Johan.

Johan Bacto