Speedy J is Jochem Paap, a dutch producer, and one experimental genius with no fear of the mainstream and what it wants. "My music is not an attempt to get stuck in using house and techno beats in the same way as everybody else does."

As an innovator, he seems to incorporate every live genre into his music. "I would never go back to do anything I've done before because as soon as I've explored it, and as soon as I fully know what's going on in that territory that I was exploring, then I'm finished."

His debut album Ginger was released in 1993. Speedy was huge with the release of his follow up album, G-Spot.The album was full of ambient sounds and dance beats….heck it was on Virgin Canada. Now he's back, three years later, with the most surprising and shocking abstract release Public Energy No.1 - complete ambient experimental noise baby and it's very dancy- just gotta handle on it.

Paap says he recorded about five hours of music, from one extreme to the other and compiled the album from all the different pieces and the album became somewhere in the middle. Helter-skelter beats with an industrial element. If you like Drum & Bass or bands like Download, you will love this.

Also, Speedy J has released an EP with remixes of Patterns. It's more dancy, but still experimental and will also contain a free screen saver on the cd version as a bonus. As far as single go, there are many…but as far as finding them in the states, good luck! Don't fret, you can order them from the label Plus 8 Records (no more Virgin, who probably tossed the new idea because of the experimental nature…their loss).

Nog meer interessante info @ http://www.mute.com/speedyj/index.html

Speedy J