Joel Mull born in Stockholm in 1975 and by the age of six was learning to play the piano as well as finding his way around his first synthesizer. He was soon playing keyboards and drums in various funk and rock bands during his school years and consequently spent six years studying at music school. Citing his primary infuences as hip-hop and funk, Joel got into electronic music via Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. As with many todays dance music luminaries, his early musical explorations gave him a solid base with which to build upon. At a outdoor "rave" party in stockholm 1991 Joel experienced a musical style he had never heard before. He quickly discovered it was techno and at that moment he realised had found his passion, from then on Joel took to electronic music. In school he met Adam Beyer who during lunch breaks teached joel how to mix and play records with the pair of technics 1210 he had at home. Later Joel introduced Adam to his old school mate from musischool Peter Benisch, who also had a interest in electronic music and owned a Sampler. Brought on more equipment with a Ensoniq sampler and DJ equipment, Joel found inspiration to pursue a full time DJ career in 1995 and from that point on joel has consistantly flexed his musical background with his range of production and choice of label releases. After many releases on different labels around the world joel felt that it was time to take control over his music and 1998 a new project was born, inside records.
Since then there has been a continusly release flow of quality dancefloor techno 12” from the his studio in stockholm.
A contemporary musician with rare training and a good ear have led Joel down the path of electronic music. Joel has been djng all over the world in the most respected clubs he has never stopped his quest to find the right energie in the music he loves so much.
Together with his fellow swedish Djs and electronicmusiccomposers such as Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlbäck, Peter Benisch, Thomas Chrome, Samuel L Session, Nils Danielsson, Johan Bacto, Pär Grindvik, Tobias Von Hofsten, Abi Lönneberg, David Roisuex, Henrik B, Joel Mull formes a swedish wide spread alliance of musiclovers