Putting records on and mixing them was not enough for Toni Rios. In 1995 he founded Soap Rec with other artists such as Chris Liebing. Recordings for Harthouse and other labels followed. Since 1998, Toni has been concentrating on studio work with one musician: Jörg W. Henze, co-founder of Frankfurt record shop Delirium as well as distributor Neuton. It seems that in Jörg, Toni has found his ideal partner, and the result of this collaboration is Toni's first Artist Album Danzá Electrónicŕ on Jörg Henze's label Federation of Drums. The record struck a chord with colleagues such as Pascal FEOS and Chris Liebing who have both made remixes. The good musical relationship between them both resulted in the foundation of a common label of the same name: Danzá Electrónicŕ. After his Album Tour in 2001, Toni wanted to move on. Together with his long time companion Frank Lorber, they appeared behind the decks as Tony Montana & Lobby Lobster, playing House Classics and Tech House. In January 2003, Toni Rios released his second Artist Album Kiss showing the wide range of his sound: from groovy to dark, from minimal to driving-percussive, from technoid to electro.

Toni Rios