The Style of the evening will be electro punk, clean techno, trashy pop,
minimal house and future disco. Lasergun stands for the sound which is
really popular right now. A highly respected Label from Berlin. A danceable
sound with three great DJ’s that play all over he world, especially Savas
Pascalidis, who is also very famous in the Gigolo Family.
The Live act’s promise something very special and something new. Northern
lite with there rock image will stand as a complete band, with punky
electro, live guitars, drums and singers. Ural 13 dictators, dressed in
masks and crazy out fits, with miniscule keyboards and all kinds of funny
gadgets. Their sound is warm, trippy, electro. And Autotune will show a
complete electronic live performance with electro as should sound!!! No
nonsense, just high quality music with soul that will ROCK the night


Off Corso
Kruiskade 22
Rotterdam, Nederland