Frank Lorber, born in Giessen, now lives in the small metropolis of Frankfurt. He began spinning records at a very young age, making his public debut at age 16 in a Giessen club called "Gonzo's". From these humble beginnings Lorber's DJ career would rapidly take root and begin to flourish.

In 1992 Lorber took up residency at the legendary "Omen" club in Frankfurt. Together with DJ Dag, Lorber made Saturdays at Omen simply unforgettable.

News of Frank Lorber's success at Omen traveled fast. In 1993 he got his first international gig at UK in London which was followed by many radio broadcasts such as HR 3 Clubnight, Kiss FM Berlin, Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, and of course London. In 94 the keyword for Lorber was production. Together with Pascal F.E.O.S. Frank dropped his first two releases on the debut singles from "Explizit Records". Co-operation with the head of Frankfurt's Delirium Records, Jörg Henze, created the project known as "Electronic Home Entertainment" in 1996. Continuing to work in co-operation with other producers, Frank Lorber got together with Toni Rios to start his first label known as "Attention Records". Two years later, in 1999, Johannes Heil and Frank Lorber created "Projekt 69" which left pretty smashing impression in some clubs. Frank Lorber has made a name for himself in international clubs, not only as a DJ, due to his charisma and his open hearted personality

In the future, Lorber plans to open a studio together with Techno-Diety Sven Väth deep in the recesses of the Cocoon building. What will this dream team bring to fruition in Future

Frank Lorber